Rubbing Stones, a novel, by Nancy Burkey


Thank you for visiting my website.

This is such an exciting time for me.  The support and enthusiasm that I’ve received from friends and family has been truly gratifying.  I look forward to meeting new readers and hope you all enjoy my newly released debut novel, Rubbing Stones.

This site is to help readers learn more about me and my writing, to review excerpts from Rubbing Stones, and read book reviews.  Please feel free to contact me through this site.

I am particularly interested in visiting Book Clubs, either in person or via video chat to discuss the book and the writing process.  Please visit the Book Club link above where you can find questions and ideas for discussion.

Rubbing Stones is now available as a paperback book and on Kindle.

Order in Paperback or on Kindle now: Amazon

Also available in Paperback at: Barnes & NobleIndieBound,  or Books-A-Million

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