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elephants-crossing-the-zambezi-1496204-1279x665Dr. Jane O’Neil, an American Professor of Psychiatry, books her family on a rafting trip down the Zambezi River, seeking redirection and reconnection with her troubled son.

Katura Masaku, a smart but impulsive teenager in Botswana, sneaks across the border to Victoria Falls, naively confident that she can rescue her wrongfully-arrested older brother.

Her optimism is crushed by a corrupt police department not afraid to punish the innocent. And Jane’s vacation ends violently with a political hijacking that turns into an extended hostage situation. Zimbabwe’s political chaos, not to mention the jungle itself, puts both Jane and Katura in danger.

Will they succumb to their desperation, or find the courage to make it home safe and sound?

Rubbing Stones is an emotionally-charged, unforgettable debut novel about two families from opposite corners of the world, thrown together in an unfamiliar place where political and personal currents more dangerous than the Zambezi River threaten to drown them.

How far will they go to save the ones they love?


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