• I am always up for a new author and Nancy Burkey has achieved a spectacular first novel. With strong female characters, the journey from California to Botswana and the rafting trip down the Zambezi River is well-developed and enticing. Definitely worth reading. Recommended.”– Polly Krize, advanced copy reviewer for NetGalley and Goodreads.
  • “…For me to love a story, I MUST be able to relate to the characters. Nancy Burkey compels you to relate to all of them. Even the ones you don’t like. That is what makes fiction real. I”m all in for whatever she writes next.” – Lee Jourdan, author of From Shoeshine to Star Wars
  • “…The tension ratchets up continuously as the captives make repeated plans to escape, any of which “could” work, but only one of which will. A good quick read for those looking to combine the basic elements of “women’s fiction” with the travel and thriller genres.”– Elena Clark, advanced copy reviewer for NetGalley, Amazon, and Goodreads.

  • “This was a terrific debut novel that I found very hard to put down. … If you like adventure with a few crocodiles thrown in, you will love this book. An excellent read.” – Linda Ostrom, reviewer for NetGalley advanced reader copy, Goodreads, Amazon and see full review on:

  • “I love it when I come across an author I have never heard of and their work blows me away. Better yet, when it’s their debut novel and I end up loving every bit of it. Nancy Burkey did just that for me. The story revolves around two families, one from the States and the other from Botswana. From the first chapters, it is clear that both families are facing a difficult situation. Dr. Jane O’Neil, a psychiatry professor in America, decides to take her family to Botswana with an aim to reconnect with one of her sons. But before heading there, they all agree a rafting trip down the Zambezi River would be a fun activity for all of them. Katura and Japera are siblings from Botswana. They are in Zimbabwe to try and get their eldest brother out of prison. When they get there, they find out that the case goes deeper than they had initially imagined and it would take a lot more of their effort to get him out. They get themselves tangled in difficulties when things don’t go as they had planned. Pick it up!” 5 Stars– Waridi Wanjiku, reviewer for NetGalley, Goodreads, and see full review on:
  • Author Nancy Burkey takes her psychiatric skills to a different level in her debut book Rubbing Stones….Aside of the fact that Jane is forced to use her medical skills as a means of survival, Burkey’s main theme focuses on how horrific circumstances can force people to introspection, especially as they face unresolved conflict (fears) in their lives. Burkey’s portrayal of this theme is best recognized by having each character’s thought processes well defined as they engage in dialogue….Burkey balances her well-written storyline by combining the above mentioned literary tools while filling alternating character scenes with plenty of twists and turns. A great read with Silver Screen potential, Rubbing Stones is earmarked to become a favorite!” – 5 Stars, Pacific Book Review
  • What makes this beautifully written novel superb is the unique way Dr. Burkey brilliantly combines her expertise as an esteemed psychiatrist who handles some of the most difficult cases across the US and her background as a person who has had a lifelong love of traveling the world.  Dr. Burkey uses that as her framework to create fascinating characters who draw you into their minds and lives and take you on a remarkable journey that you never want to end.”  – Sue Breding, multiple Emmy Award winning TV news reporter
  • The action does not slow down nor did my fingers as I turned the pages. Burkey does a masterful job of weaving the details together, creating a tightly constructed plot that unfolds with a variety of twists and turns…I recommend Rubbing Stones to anyone who is looking for a fast paced, thoughtful, and entertaining read.  Five stars.”J.T.O’Neill, NetGalley, Goodreads, and Amazon reviewer
  • “Good thrillers make readers eager to keep turning pages to see which characters are going to survive, how the good guys are going to get out of each life threatening predicament, and how all of the mysteries will reveal themselves…. What lengths should members of a family go to to save each other? The novel suggests that violence seems to beget violence and that put in a position of life and death a “good” person can and will become a murderer… readers will turn pages late into the night to see what will occur next.” -S.Conradson, Middle School English teacher
  • Burkey engages the reader with relatable characters and a heart pounding plot.  The impossible situation these characters are presented with leads to heroic efforts that stick with you long after your journey is done.” – S. Culbertson, author of A Fundamental Life

  • Page turner. Nancy Burkey succeeds at captivating the reader in the first chapter. She manages with ease to you take on a complex and hair raising journey from California to the dusty roads of Botswana, the intrigue and danger of the Zimbabwe jungle and the river rapids of the Zambezi River.Burkey unfolds the complex story with two strong female protagonist/heroines. Captivating characters, who are worlds, cultures and ages apart. Each on a separate mission, they soon find themselves caught up in an adventure, punctuated by arrests, hostages, political unrest, river rapids, and murder.Nancy Burkey does not disappoint. Rubbing Stones is a strong first novel filled with several plot twists keeping the reader engaged and surprised with each turn. I am looking forward to her next book!” – Lesa Caldarella-Wong, author of Real Bread

  • An entertaining suspense novel with rare insight into human behavior. This is a wonderful suspense-driven novel ultimately about ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. A privileged white American family finds itself caught in the crucible of conflict, despotism, and misplaced zealotry in an unforgiving African political maelstrom. They face insurmountable odds, and in trying to figure out how to survive their ordeal, they learn deeper truths about themselves, what their values are, and what they may (or may not) be capable of in order to escape their dilemma and reunite as a family. The book is structured as a suspense/thriller and as such is ideal for when you’re in the mood to be entertained with fast-paced writing. As a debut novel, it proves this author understands how to tell a story, and has remarkable insights into human behavior. Read the scene where her son and one of the protagonists – a young African woman – dance around their interest in each other. It is a supremely insightful and accurate portrayal of how people try to avoid showing their interest in each other. I look forward to Burkey’s next book. – B. Mann, reviewer for Amazon
  • I thoroughly enjoyed this book. 5 Stars – Rebecca Graf, ARC Reviewer and Educator on NetGalley

  • I remember reading Abraham Verghese’s book, Cutting for Stone, and being wowed by his ability to render the intricacies of surgery and the body totally clear to someone with little experience with medicine. At several points reading Rubbing Stones, I found myself equally impressed with Burkey’s descriptions of her characters’ MINDS; she proves herself an author who will tickle you with the insight and perspective an experienced psychiatrist can make refreshingly clear. 5  Stars– Zoe Rose Buonaiuto, Princeton doctoral candidate

  • I really enjoyed this book. It is set near Victoria Falls and shows how the two totally different worlds of 2 families can collide. A kidnap story with a difference that is very well written. – Julie Hosford, Top Reviewer for NetGalley


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